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50000+ Free Ebooks Reader is the best ebook reader for android device,we provide more than 50000 most popular books and all of them are free for will be your best choice if you love reading.

Some Reviews:

Coooolllll This app its just so much cool... Most popular books and they are free with a simple functional n initiative ui.. Must say its just very great. A must download if you like reading or not,, its damn cool

Wow Just wow the interface is simple and functional and the availability of books is immense

GREAT EBOOK APP! the best by far! however, i wish it would have a legend when you've finished, i dont want to delete, in case that i want to read it again, other than that, GREAT!

Cool Exactly what I am looking for! Thank you!

Relieved by installing this app The best app for book lovers!haven't seen app like this!only they need to upload self help books

Awesome simply awesome Lost the app once but I'm so glad I found it again .

Must download Superb ....Best app .... Book lover must download .... Many books n categories

Awesome!!!!! All the books i want is here....great books... easy to find,...i love reading so this app is like heaven for me, since i installed until now been just perfect....Thanks!!!

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